• Think You’re Too Old To Return To School? Think Again!

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  • The 6 Unwritten Company Rules You Won’t Find

    Charlotte, a woman I worked with, started her second post-college job with huge enthusiasm, a pay raise, and a sparkling brand on her resume. Then she quickly realized she had a problem that was totally going to cramp her happy hour style: No one left the office until the boss did. And the boss didn’t leave until 8 PM.

    Being the first to depart in a situation like that can be stressful. If you came in early, it’s likely that no one saw you arrive. If you leave early, everybody knows it. Regardless of how productive your day was, if you regularly jet hours before the majority of your co-workers, you may get inaccurately labeled as lazy or lacking drive.

    The most important thing, of course, is that you get your work done, and that your boss knows you got it done. If the pressure to stay late never lets up, or if your performance is deemed lacking as a result, this might not be the right culture for you.

  • How to Ask for Time Off at Your New Job

    As a new employee, the last thing you want to do is book a vacation during the busiest time of year or find out that your days off conflict with a critical meeting. So, do some research before you start looking at flights. If you’re not sure when your company’s busy season is, ask a fellow employee.

    You can also bring it up with your boss (and should, in most cases). A simple, “I’d like to use some of my vacation days this fall, and I’m wondering what the best time to be out of the office would be,” will help you schedule a stress-free vacation and show your boss that you take your job responsibilities seriously.

    after you’ve gotten verbal approval, document the vacation on your calendar and send your boss a reminder a week or two before the big day that says something like, “Just a reminder that I’m going to be out on vacation Monday through Thursday, but I’ll get that report to you Friday afternoon for review.” This lets you kill two birds with one stone: You’ve made sure that your vacation is still on your boss’ radar, and you’ve let her know that you’re working hard to get everything set before you leave.

  • How Do I Make My Mark When I’m New at Work?

    Getting to know co-workers outside of your core team will help you understand your organization and its culture more clearly. Ask someone out for coffee or literally go around the office introducing yourself to colleagues you haven’t officially met. Be respectful of others’ time, but be friendly and make a point to learn names.

    As you get to know people, you’ll not only gain knowledge and insight about the firm, but you’ll also make progress in building your personal network. I’m a huge proponent of networking—and a big believer that internal networking is just as important as any out-of-office events.

    It can be tough to get up to speed when you’re the new person, so you should be looking at this slow period as bonus time. The absence of real work means you have time to learn systems, get your inbox in order, and prepare for what’s surely to come.

    Now’s the perfect opportunity to soak up company processes and protocol. As a first-year attorney, see if there’s research and reading you can do to better position yourself for when the first assignment lands on your desk.

  • 3 Things You’re Overthinking at Your New Job

    I used to believe that I should never leave work until my boss heads out for the night. And while I’m not telling you that it’s cool to leave your desk at 3 PM every day, I also think it’s fair to say that you don’t need to be the last person to take off just for the sake of being the last person to take off.

    In the past, I’ve been so paranoid about leaving “too early” that I’ve walked up to supervisors and said, “Hey, is it OK if I head home now?” Even in the strictest work environments I’ve been in, my boss looked at me like I was a crazy person. After all, I’m an adult. So, as long as you’re not leaving anything urgent unfinished, you probably won’t lose brownie points for

    However, if you’re truly concerned, you’re allowed to ask your manager about the team’s typical hours. While it’s highly unlikely everyone will be on the same schedule, you’ll get an idea of when it’s “OK” to come in and head out.

  • Your Guide to Your First Week on the Job

    At the same time, don’t be afraid to contribute and add value—you do want to reinforce that you’re the right person for the job! No, you won’t know everything (nor should you act like you do!), but you can make suggestions in team meetings or brainstorming sessions, or ask questions like, “Has this been tried before?” And if you have a skill or ability that you’ve been hired to bring to the team, pipe up and share that knowledge. But be careful to read your audience. You don’t want to come on like gangbusters or step on someone’s toes.

    There may be some downtime during your first few days on the job as your boss and team adjust to having you there. But don’t sit around waiting for others to figure out tasks for you—volunteer to help your new teammates on a project. You’ll show initiative, you’ll build rapport with your boss and co-workers, and you’ll learn about expectations, procedures, and how things are done.

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    Popular Programs

    Computer Networking

    A degree in computer networking will give you the knowledge on how to maintain, build, manage and repair computer network systems. As a computer network specialist, it will be your responsibility to take care of large or small network systems. A computer network is the way in which groups of computers, either on a small scale, or on a large scale spanning numerous cities, communicate with one another. A degree will teach you the intricacies of how computer users are able to share resources and data. You will also learn how to keep those systems working smoothly and safe from external threats to the network.

    Criminal Justice

    A degree in criminal justice is the study of the body of government who is responsible for arresting, apprehending, prosecuting and punishing those who fail to abide by the law of the country. Their goal is to maintain social order. The courses taken to obtain the degree will focus on the understanding of the criminal justice system, law enforcement and the role that the courts play in maintaining order. You will learn about criminal behavior and all aspects of punishing those who display such behavior.


    A nursing degree is a highly specialized healthcare degree. It teaches the individual both the systems of the body, and how they function. Also taught within the program is the way in which you are able to aid those functions when they do not work properly. A nursing degree entails having the knowledge to work in both a clinical, and community setting, and most importantly how to deal with the needs of a patient. Teaching that nursing is about the whole body, both physical and mental well-being, is priority number one. Within the program are different areas of specialties that you can focus on to tailor your interests and career goals.